Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Harvest Apple Sauce

I love apple sauce , it is comfort snacking at its simplest . What I do not like is the store bought apple sauce - way too much added sugar and things that do not belong .

My girls also like apple sauce - but growing up I spoiled them . Unlike all their friends who would open a packet of sauce and immediately start devouring the contents - my little pumpkins wanted the homemade - real deal - so every so often I whip up a batch .

Now that we have just enjoyed a wonderful apple season - what could be better than apple sauce made with apples from the orchards ( thank you for the contribution Kelly ! ) , fresh , unwaxed, crisp apples - it does not get better than that !
Preparations are simple , clean out the fruit bin of all the odds and ends of apples -I always seem to accumulate plenty

wash well , quarter and roughly cut out the core

place in saucepan with a cup of water

bring to a boil and simmer until everything is soft and mushy

by leaving the skins on the applesauce takes on a lovely pink/rosy hue

Allow to cool slightly then pass through a coarse sieve using a spatula , scrape all the goodness into a container , store in refrigerator and eat with abandon !!!

Enjoy on its own , with granola , and of course with roast pork and even roast turkey.

Please make some, you will never go back to the mass produced stuff again.

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