Saturday, August 29, 2009

Zebra tomatoes are lurking in my garden .........

Hello , and welcome to my first post.
Summer has been a fleeting season in Chicago this year , as I peruse my tiny garden patch I notice the tomatoes shivering with little hope of ripening before the first snow flakes ...... yes ........ that fluffy stuff that falls from the sky .
I planted heirloom zebra tomatoes , I think they look cute huddled together, seeking warmth from each other and the rays of the sun . I had images of harvesting zebra tomatoes and along with my cherry tomato plant make copious amounts of caprese salad, classic greek salad ( and yes ... there are also cucumber and bell pepper plants as well ..) and or just enjoy the simple pleasure of a tomato - sliced , sprinkled with sea salt and a dash of good olive oil .
Alas, mother nature has other ideas , as I patiently await the first zebra tomato to ripen ..... I am thinking if a 101 other uses for unripened zebra tomatoes .
In the next couple of weeks I will restart my greatest love of cooking for families in my area , the Soup Package will start .... Zebra Tomato Soup ... anyone .... anyone !!!
So, as we march towards September and contemplate the summer that was not, the falling leaves and the winter ahead - I will check my zebra tomato plant daily in the hope that I will at least enjoy one emerald gem ....very very soon !