Friday, February 19, 2010

Where have I been ?

It has been a while . I had to think really hard to remember my sign on for the blog .

Well , I have not given up on blogging , rather- I have re-arranged certain aspects of my life .  The call to work was sent out , by hubby , and hard choices had to be made . The time came to hang up my apron and put away my chopping knives - only in relation to my catering business . I will now be Office Manager at the gulag, I have worked for hubby twice before this time and been fired twice before this as well - but we will leave those details to be explained in another blog !!!

So next week , 23rd February is the last week for Soup Package customer pick-up . When I put together the February package there was no intention to end it so soon - however I am happy with the selection for that week , Black- Bean Chowder Soup with Youghurt Cilantro Relish and Three Mushroom and Barley Soup , all of this is to be enjoyed with Feta Cheese Toasts - my own creation !!!

When the first email went out saying that Gourmet Goddess was coming to an end - emails and telephone messages of support poured in - I was truly humbled , immediately followed by " this culinary hiatus is temporary - right ??? ".  

As I start making inroads with my new title - Office Manager , as I start to decipher the needs and wants of a Mazek, a Brother and a Hyd-Mech machine, understand the different types of stainless steel ( I thought there was only one type) , when we heat treat parts - can I throw in a tray of  muffins at the same time ? I will not be totally removed from my food adventures . I will still have opportunities to read through the food blogs I follow , I will still bookmark interesting recipes I come across - because that aspect of my life is not on a culinary hiatus.

What does the future holds for Gourmet Goddess? - I do not know at this point in time . I have ideas I want to develop further and hope to start writing a cookbook soon . That in its self is a huge commitment . When I started GG it was at the start of the ecomomic downtown . This has reshaped and forced us to rethink a lot about life in general and what matters to us most . No-one was more surprised than me as to how popular my cooking endeavour turned out , I would have been happy just cooking for a handful of families - I ended up cooking for several handfuls of families . When I started the Soup Package, Tasty Tuesdays, and Pantry Staples - I was overwhelmed by how my customers embraced my new spin on GG.

Many people who never placed orders would read my website or blog - just because !! They liked the way I wrote about food and life in general .  To me they were still customers - of the literary kind .

The great thing about this whole adventure is that I connected with a lot of different people within my community. I  hope I do not lose that connection , because my community is small and whether you like it or not we are all related by six degrees of separation .

So a blogging I will go , new post coming up in the next few days and as always .... happy eating . !!