Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween .......... and the great pumpkin adventure

Well we just survived another halloween , it was colder than usual - so bundling up was essential . The whole process begins the night before with the carving of the pumpkins . A lot of thought goes into this . Strategies are plotted , designs are sketched out ad nauseum ............ and most years we come up with some good pumpkins .

Now , getting to this point is all the fun . For the first time , the girls were brave enough to deal with pumpkin goop ............ yes! the hands dived in and scooped out all that fun stuff ( albeit with a little help from the master pumpkin carver - Dad) ....... Mum was spared the hard work ..... I think they had fun !!

So, as you can see from the sequence of events , things were moving along nicely, even Penelope gave her look of approval - before she disappeared for a while .


The next important strategy is the carving process ........... Number 1 daughter picked a "ghastly face " to carve ........ Engineer Dad plotted out the drawing with exacting precision and then set about carving the "ghastly face " ...... under the watchful eye of Number 2 daughter.

So, in the final stretch the girls were very proud of their efforts , Mum helped Number 2 daughter with her carving - hence all photographing ceased - because you cannot carve and photogragh at the same time .

Here is the final product - note how life imitates art ............ Number 2 daughter's toothless grin is also reflected in the pumpkin !!!! and Number 1 daughters devil ears are reflected in the"ghastly face" .....
The next day ........... Halloween preparations were in order and my two little pumpkins set off to trick or treat  as the "good little witch" and "the little devil" ............ but they hammed it for a photo.

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