Saturday, August 25, 2012

.... its a wrap !!!

Summer is coming to a close , the girls are back in school , and happy to be back in school . A family trip to Southwestern Michigan for a few days was a fitting way to end the summer vacation , rev up the relax button and recharge the batteries.
In the past couple of weeks , my little gourmet and I ventured into Whole Foods where they had a promotion of healthy lunch ideas for children. If your child tried everything then they could rate the food item , spin the wheel and get a mystery prize . Well, my little gourmet tried everything , spun the wheel , got a mystery prize , the location of which is awol.

One of the lunch ideas was collard greens with red pepper hummous and a little cabbage salad. I was salivating just looking at the sample platter and was equally chuffed when my little gourmet gave me the thumbs up . Monday before school started we had to go to the supermarket to restock the fridge , so I tempted them with these wraps, and to my surprise they devoured them.

I would suggest using organic collard greens, and as small a leaf as possible , that way they will be nice and tender . To make the wrap you remove the spine of the leave or else it will be hard to wrap , so essentianlly you end up with to halves of the collard leaf.

I made my own hummous recipe, loosely based on a recipe courtesy of Ina Garten ( I omit the garlic and  tabasco and add a heaping tesaspoon of ground cumin) - this is the the only one the girls will eat and enjoy. I added some red bell pepper and made a slaw with a combination of red cabbage , grated carrot and parsley . I had made some homemade vinaigrette for a salad the day before and I used it to barely moisten the cabbage salad .

It was delicious.

It was refreshing .

It was devoured by both girls .

It was requested for lunch .

I rest my case ............... and consider it a wrap !!!!!

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