Friday, April 6, 2012

Feta and Chive Baked Potato salad

The phone rang the other day , one of my neighbours was overloaded with "sweet onions" .... had asked hubby to go to the supermarket and get some onions, came back with a bag of 12 HUGE onions ..... what to do , but share with neighbours , I promptly adopted 2 of them and proceeded to make tomato-basil soup. 

Next day and an email comes through, "..... willing to share 15LBS of yellow potatoes ... please come and take some   ...... delivery available".... this neighbour did not ask her husband to do the shopping ..... it is an equally funny story though!!! ...... I promptly turned up at her doorstep and adopted 10 of them. 

At this point I was just laughing out loud and heartily , to my neighbour trying to offload the potatoes , I suggested collaboration with our other neighbour and start making vichyssoise soup .

These potatoes were my favourite yellow potatoes and I have long wanted to try making a baked potato salad.

The potatoes were washed and scrubbed , chopped into bite size pieces with the skin on , tossed with some olive oil , kosher salt , freshly ground pepper and dried oregano. The whole mixture was tossed with my hands to ensure every morsel of the potatoes was coated . I then placed them in a oven proof dish and an 420F oven and roasted until slightly browned and cooked through to fluffy goodness.

Once they were cooked , I let them cool slightly , tossed them slightly and sprinkled some Maldon sea salt flakes , crumbled feta cheese and chopped garlic chives from my garden . Tossed gently to combined and enjoyed them for dinner.

Go ahead and make them and allow yourself to try different toppings, here are some suggestions :

  •  crushed garlic (to taste)  , grated pecorino cheese and more olive oil to coat
  • thinly sliced red or yellow peppers with capers. kalamata olives and fresh flat leaf parsley , with a squeeze of lemon juice

Let just say perfect to go salad for the hot summer days ahead !!!

Feta and Chive Baked Potato Salad
.... inspired by many a cookbooks

Yellow potatoes, scrubbed with skin left on
kosher salt
freshly ground pepper
dried oregano ... or herbs de provence
olive oil
feta cheese
fresh garlic chives
Maldon Seal salt flakes

Firstly, this recipe has no quantities because you can add as much or as little of what suits your meal purposes.

Cut potatoes into bite size pieces , place in oven proof dish , toss with olive oil , salt and pepper and dried herbs of choice then , tosse well to coat and place in 420F oven .

Bake for about 25minutes or until slightly browned and cooked through.

Allow to cool slightly before adding topping of choice , in this case crumbled feta and garlic chives .

the reason we allow the potatoes to cool slightly iss so that you do not "cook" the fresh herbs and the cheese only melts , just slightly.

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  1. hi Dimitra!!!! How are you? How is your family? Good to see you back in blogland. Love this recipe, but have my Easter meals already planned and shopping is done. But will try this one for sure. Love, Rose-Anne