Friday, August 20, 2010

Stir Fried Snake Beans

When the heat is on , you need to avoid turning on the oven at all costs and you need to conserve energy . 

I know that summer is high grilling season , however I have to confess that this is the second summer I have been without a grill , so the Gourmet Goddess has had to improvise on many a recipe . 

That been said, I also feel that summer is a high octane carnivor carnival. Don't get me wrong , I love nothing more than a piece of nicely grilled meat , grilled vegetables and dinner is done in an instant . But by far the quickest meal in my repertoire is stir fried vegetables and jasmine rice . You can eaily add your favourite protein to make this more substantial and sometimes I enjoy it without rice or meat , just  on its own .

The secret to a good stir fry is a nice composition of vegetables and not the kitchen sink . I know for many people this is a great way to use up old vegetables forgotten in the bottom of the fridge. But I feel strongly enough that good quality vegetables make for a better stir fry .

One vegetable I always like to include in my stir fry is snake beans , I am sure many of you have seen them in the international markets and wondered how you would cook them . I tried them out one day , as an experiment and have not looked back since . They are not snappy like the classic green bean rather they are limp and sad looking - but they pack a powerful flavour punch .

In this recipe I also included an eggplant , and much to my surprise it really brought the whole dish together and was sweet and delicious. Add all of these ingredients tp a very hot wok , a touch of ponzu and hoisin sauce and you have a delicious dish that can be enjoyed hot or at room temperature .... or should I confess - standing at the fridge door !!!  

This is a recipe without precise measurement and or ingredients . Use whatever your family likes and the sauces to your taste or liking.

Stir Fried Snake Beans
a GG original recipe

1 med spanish onion
canola oil
fresh ginger
2 garlic cloves
ponzu sauce
tamari low-sodium sauce
hoisin sauce

red bell peppers
snake beans

sesame seeds (optional)
cooked jasmine rice

Prepare Jasmine Rice according to package directions and desired quantity - while that is cooking you have to time prepare and cook the stir fry.

Heat your wok until it is very very hot . Add some canola oil to the base and allow it to heat through , then add your spanish onion which has been sliced medium thickness, allow to soften a little then add the fresh ginger and garlic clove which have been peeled and sliced thinly . Stir until fragrant - do not allow the garlic to burn or it will taste bitter.

Add the vegetables in the longest order of cooking time , by that I mean carrots and peppers will take longer to cook that the beans . After you have added the beans , add a few splashes of ponzu or tamari , keep the vegetables moving , so they do not scorch . If at any time the vegetables look a little dry add a splash of water to the wok to keep things steaming along.When they are almost done add 1-2 tablespoons of hoisin sauce thinned out with a little water to bring the whole dish together and warm through .

Place on a platter and sprinkle with some black and white sesame seeds and enjoy .

Note : Tamari is a wheat free soy sauce and I find it more flavourful than regular soy sauce , I tend to use the low-sodium bottle because it is not as salty. Ponzu sauce , is again a soy sauce , but very light , not as salty and has a hint of citrus. This is delicious on steamed rice and or cooked wontons .

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