Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cuban Inspiration

I am writing this post in the recovery phase of 4th of July festivities . Just got back form a wonderful lunch with friends , which we have enjoyed for the past few years, following the parade through our village streets.

Several weeks ago , I lamented the fact that I had not posted anything for May , of this year , and half the battle , excuse was because I would make something then eat it - then , realise I did not take a photo of the meal - and it was super delicious .......

So , a few weeks ago I purchases some ground turkey for burgers , has just flicked through a Sara Foster cookbook and was inspired by her Cuban Turkey Burger recipe. Because I always like to put my own twist on the everyday mundane , I thought it would be nice to incorporate some interesting flavors to what is otherwise an american summer staple.

Welcome to turkey burgers with a gourmet goddess twist.

Firstly , let me say that I have grown to love turkey meat for burgers - more than beef burgers . Not only for the health aspect of less fat - I feel that have a more delicious flavour and you can add more things to them , that many times just do not work out for beef burgers.

To make these Cuban inspired I have added some basic Latino staples such as black beans, cumin, cilantro, red onion and bell peppers . I know you are probably reading this and wondering how this all works . They were delicious . Approved by my little gourmets, raised eyebrows with my picky gourmet (a.k.a husband...... love you Deno) and absolutely inhaled by the gourmet goddess . But wait there is more - a secret ingredient ..... and the secret ingredient was bbq sauce - homemade no less !!!

I did not follow a recipe and neither did i adhere to strict measurements. I just added things as I went along and looked at the colourful combination created and adjusted accordingly . I have to say that the addition of cumin and bbq sauce really added a depth of flavour and deliciousness that made the ordinary hamburger - extraordinary.

I hope over the coming summer months you have a chance to enjoy the chance to experiment with different flavours and textures for turkey burgers - we enjoyed these on a nice sourdough buns, lettuce and a smear of bbq sauce on the bun and some yummy organic blue corn and flax seed tortilla chips.

Happy summer and burger and eating .

Cuban Turkey Burgers

ground turkey meat ( 93% lean)
black beans - rinsed and drained
red and yellow bell peppers - small dice
red onion - small dice
2-3 green onions , green parts as well
small handful of fresh cilantro - sprigs only
1 teaspoon ground cumin
salt and pepper
bbq sauce , of choice
panko breadcrumbs
fat free milk
lettuce leaves
provolone or cheddar cheese , to put on top
sourdough or very hearty wholewheat buns
blue corn chips

This recipe is just guidelines , depending on the amount of ground meat  you want to use you adjust the other ingredients accordingly. Place the panko breadcrumbs in a bowl and cover with the milk , stir to combine and allow the breadcrumbs to absorb all the milk . they should be moist and not dry before you add them to the burger mixture , add more milk if needed.

Grill accordinly to well done and with a slight char on the burger , toast the buns a little - it makes then a lot more tasty .

If you prefer your burgers not to have breadcrumbs - just omit - and look more to the melting pot of flavours rather than the strict adherence to amounts.

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