Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Countdown is on ......

We started a tradition several years ago , the Christmas tree is purchased the day after Thanksgiving . While people rush out to the stores for Black Friday shopping , myself and the girls are cooling our heels for Daddy to finish work and make our important purchase for the day . Once we get home , it is usually soup and then the decorations are hauled up from the basement ( ... thanks Deno ) and the countdown begins .

Unfortunately there is no time for the romantic trip to a Christmas tree farm , scouring the fields for the perfect tree, but rather a rendevous with Daddy  , at a big box hardware store ...... and the search begins .It is inevitably a cold night , several years it snowed as we searched for our tree. The girls now have input is the tree is the right shape , is it full enough in the body .... does it fit in our living room ? Is it going to be noble fir or balsam fir ... will the needles drop before Christmas day ? - flashback to  Christmas 4 years ago !!!

But the the most poignant event in the countdown to Christmas is the countdown itself . I purchased a blackboard  about 5 years ago , I did not think much of it , I indeed questioned if it would even be used . It has turned out to be the most anticipated "daily" event in the countdown.

Every morning as the girls come down for breakfast , I hear a pause in the hallway , the erasing of data from the blackboard and the scratchy noise of the chalk. Then the proud announcement ".... it is XX days until Christmas" .

The Christmas stockings will be hung over the coming weekend . The Santa lists have already been typed up - in very cute font - just incase Santa cannot read the writing of a 6 year old ...... I think all that is missing are the item numbers. They have upped the ante on what is to be prepared for Santa and the Reindeers come Christmas Eve .... mum is going to be busy cooking .

So create a tradition , be it ever so small ........I guarantee you it will be something they will remember for a long long time !!!


  1. Your post welcomed me this a.m. Heartfelt and down to earth. Tried to Follow but no Follow thingy?
    Please come visit, comment and Follow The Writing Gourmet...a different style but we're on the same wave length. Enjoy your holidays.

  2. Dear Cal,thank you for your comment , I am glad you enjoyed the post . I am not very savvy on all the bells ans whistles but I have the follow button as I already have 3 followers .
    Enjoy the snow - I am sure it is piling up there , we are just getting hit with the storm. Happy Holidays